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Zero out-of-pocket audits to identify errors and recover refunds from the utility companies.



Did you know that nearly 90% of all commercial and municipal organizations have errors in their utility bills? Through our zero out-of-pocket utility bill audit service, we will uncover billing errors and obtain refunds for overages. And our clients do not pay a dime until we recover refunds, bill credits, or savings on their behalf. We offer auditing services for the following utility bills:


What Is A Utility Audit?

A utility audit is a process by which utility professionals analyze historical utility billing records to identify errors, mis-classifications, and places where the utility company many have over billed a customer. Utility audits can be performed for an upfront fee or a contingency fee based on the total dollars that are uncovered.

Are Utility Billing Errors Really That Common?

Believe it or not, close to 90% of commercial, industrial, and municipal organizations have been over billed by their utility provider in the last three to five years. Since utility invoices, such as electric bills, gas bills, and telecom bills, contain very complex calculations, they are often prone to errors.

What Types Of Errors Exist?

There are many different types of utility billing errors. Some of the most common errors we see are meter read errors and or invoice calculation errors. Furthermore, many times organizations are being mis-classified by their utility company and paying a higher tariff than required. Our audits can identify and correct these mistakes. Other savings opportunities are not just errors but overlooked areas of the bill. For example, we often save our clients money who are paying for call waiting service on their elevator phone lines.

Can I Actually Get A Refund?

Yes! While not all errors and classifications qualify for billing refunds by law, many do! If you happen to have a billing error that qualifies for a refund, we will prepare the necessary paperwork proving the refund amount due and submit it to your utility company. Typically, refunds can be issued as soon as one billing cycle, while others can take several months to be issued. As an audit client, we will ensure that your refund gets issued properly.


Our team of expert utility bill auditors will identify errors in your utility bills, get them corrected, and then obtain refunds on your behalf. Some errors do not qualify for a refund by law, so we will get the error corrected on your bill for future reductions and savings. All of our audit services are contingency-based as our clients do not pay us a fee unless we are successful. Each audit follows a simple 4-step process:


Authorize & Submit

The first step is to sign up for a utility audit. During this stage, you will authorize our company to perform the audit, supply us with all of your utility accounts and access to billing data, and sign an audit agreement.
  • Provide utility accounts

  • Grant us authorization

  • Sign audit agreement


The Audit

Next, our experts will go to work! We we evaluate your rate schedules, tariffs, billing history, and more to identify any billing errors or miscalculations. The entire audit process takes 6 to 8 weeks depending on the number of accounts we are auditing.
  • Thorough analysis of bills

  • Rate schedules & tariffs

  • Total of 6 to 8 week audit

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Findings Summary

Once the audit is completed, we will deliver a report containing all of our findings. This detailed report will outline our discoveries, over billing estimations, and total savings and/or refunds due. We will review this report in detail with you.
  • Audit findings & discoveries

  • Estimated savings/refunds

  • Outline of next steps

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Implementation & Reporting

Finally, we will implement all approved findings with your local utility company and/or utility vendor. The implementation process includes making corrections to bill errors, filing for refunds, and ensuring all billing is accurate moving forward. After you receive your refund or savings, we will then bill you for our efforts.
  • Correcting all bill errors

  • Ensuring future accuracy

  • Filing for refunds

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